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BBC Report: Job stress is 'Overwhelming' teachers in the UK

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BBC Report: Job stress is 'Overwhelming' teachers in the UK

The BBC reports that an overwhelming number of teachers in the UK have suffered either physically or mentally because of their jobs, a study has suggested.

The research, commissioned by the charity Education Support Partnership, indicated 75% of teaching staff in schools and colleges experienced symptoms stemming from their work.

Increasing levels of marking, admin and exam targets have led to some teachers working 12-hour days, according to Pran Patel, a physics teacher at Mark Hall Academy in Harlow.

Teaching is the best job in the world and the reason for that is I change lives every single day and get paid for it. However, there are unnecessary challenges that are put on teachers day in, day out."

The sheer amount of workload has had an impact on my mental health. I have suffered from bouts of depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of. It’s just an illness that affects many of us,” he said.

The challenges posed by a career in teaching is having an impact on recruitment, said head teacher Sean Maher from Richard Challoner School in South-West London.

Quite frankly I think it’s absolute nonsense when I hear government minsters go on news shows and say they’re putting more money into education, there are more teachers than ever before.

For Emily Turner, a former primary school teacher in North London, the anxiety was too much. She left the profession after two years. “I have so much respect for people who have stayed in the profession for years and years and years. And are working at this pace – it just feels frantic and unsustainable."

The research will be featured in a report on BBC London’s Inside Out programme on BBC1 on Monday 18 September at 19:30 BST.