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How to Lose Weight & keep it off with Hypnotherapy

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How to Lose Weight & keep it off with Hypnotherapy


We all have our own personal reasons for wanting to lose weight.

It has been proven many times that Diets & Dieting groups DO NOT work long-term. This is simply because you are using the wrong part of your brain necessary to make that permanent change. 'Will-power' works in your conscious brain and this isn't a strong enough defence when times get tough and your emotions need satisfying.

However, with the help of Hypnotherapy, we target the subconscious part of your mind that is the driver for all your emotions and actions. Helping you to re-programme those current unhelpful eating habits.

It only takes 4 weekly sessions, to make that PERMANENT change!

Brian - South Yorkshire : "May I first of all say, what an enjoyable and professional experience the course of sessions have been. The Virtual Gastric Band has worked for me!
As you know, I have lost 13lb in the first 3 weeks and after my fourth session, completed this week, hope to achieve my first target weight of 14 stone (only 3lb to go) in the next couple of weeks.
I will focus on my final ambition of a weight of 13 stone!
I have stuck to the Golden Rules, and not found them too difficult to stick to. Thanks for my final recording, BRILLIANT! and with my favourite music. With love and thanks, Brian.