Body Scan Meditation

Relax, Sleeping, Resting, Stickman

1. Spend the first few moments getting comfortable. Arms should be by either side of your body, with your hands touching the floor.

2. Quietly settle by just beoming aware of the natural rhythm of your breathing.

3. Ensure you are relaxing every part of your body. To do this we use a "clench and release" method of tensing the muscles in the body: clench your hands in fists, clench your toes, stomach, buttocks, and all areas of your body, then release, allowing your entire body to relax into the floor.

4. Just spend a few minutes becoming aware of your body softening so that every part is relaxed and stress-free. Observe how your newfound relaxed state makes you feel; perhaps; perhaps this it the first time you hae felt truly calm all day? Or it might prompt you to realise how much tension you were carrying in your body.

5. Start at the tip of your toes and begin to work through the various points in your body; how do your feet and ankles feel? Notice any sensations that immediately spring to mind, gently working up through your calves, knees, and upper thighs, spend a moment here to relax the legs and feet deeply.

6. Working your way up further still, until you reach your pelvic area, bring your focus here to ensure you are not tensing or holdng any stress. As you work your way up to your stomach allow the belly to feel soft.

7. Bring our attention to our arms and hands; you may want to give your fingers a little wriggle just as a way of helping you connect with the meditation and to anchor your focus.

8. As your bring your awareness to your chest area, notice how it rises and falls with the rhythm of your breathing. Has it become softer over the course of the meditation? Are you comfortable as you lie on the floor? If at any point you do notice any discomfort, simply adjust your position accordingly.

9. Observe your head and neck, and remember to relax your shoulders, too. Spend a few moments focusing on the whole of your body, being fully mindful and present in your experience.

To conclude: This meditation is an opportunity to think about the body in a more observant way, and to remind ourselves to be continually mindful of our well-being