'Busy Bee' Group Relaxation sessions

  • OUR aim

“To give your employees psychological guided visualisation skills and strategies, that enables them to reduce their anxiety and stress whilst improving their emotional wellbeing. This allows them to perform at their very best THROUGHOUT life”.

This can lead to improved;

  • Personal Development & Academic performance
  • Maintain/Improve attendance levels
  • Greater emotional well being
  • Stronger resilience
  • Successful GOAL achievements


Session duration – 30 minutes (Max 10 attendees)


Through the techniques deployed within guided relaxation and visualisation, staff can learn to feel calm yet remain in-control of their day. Maximising on existing self-talent in order to aid Concentration, Confidence and Focus. This minimises and limits any negative beliefs or stress symptoms, which is essential for personal Well-Being and Performance Enhancement.


  • Written & delivered by a professionally qualified Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist.
  • Flexible times/dates. To work with and enhance current Staff Wellbeing programmes and Training days.
  • Bespoke content to cater for your companies specific needs.
  • Sessions can be adapted according to group requirements eg: Assertiveness, Stress/Anxiety, Enhancing Creativity, Mental Concentration, Dealing with Distractions, Improve Self-Belief/Worth, Performance Enhancement.
  • ALL Printed material – Questionnaires & Handouts
  • Handouts to re-inforce messages & provide tools/strategies to assist ongoing learnings. Staff to take away with them
  • Relaxation support CD provided to every attendee to use every day in their own time.

Equipment to be provided by Employer or Employee:

  • Quiet room or location
  • Comfortable seating or mats/cushions with some space between them.

Price : £10 per attendee.

Minimum session Price : £100 per session (Includes VAT)