BWRT in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

BWRT in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

‘BWRT®’ stands for ‘BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®’

It is a modern model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI.

It uses a totally logical, practical and down-to-earth working method in which it’s not necessary for you to talk about anything you would rather not discuss. The practitioner only needs to know how you feel and how you would prefer to feel instead.

BWRT® is unlike any other therapy you might have heard of or read about, using the latest discoveries in neuroscience coupled with your own unique brain processes to help you get better.

Only Certified Practitioners have been trained to deliver BWRT® and all have to adhere to a strict ethical code. Find out more at

How it works....

Watch these videos by Terence Watts, the creator of BWRT®

What is BWRT®?

(BrainWorking Recursive Therapy)

BWRT® is safe, it can also be very effective, allowing you to make positive changes in your life with lasting results, it is also Content Free.

What do I mean by Content Free?
While working with BWRT®, there is no need to discuss intimate details with me, with BWRT® there is always your core of privacy. So if you want to keep details about childhood, sexlife or anything else private then there is no problem, you can. I only need to know what you want to change.

As long as you know what you want to change all you need to do is simply follow my guide and by using BWRT® we can often fix the problem in one or two sessions.

If someone has a fear of spiders for example, then they will be asked to recall a memory or perhaps a feeling which is attached to that fear and work through it to find a new and much more suitable outcome so any negative reaction or fear regarding spiders will have disappeared.

When we use BWRT® the negative reactions may be changed so a new, more positive way of thinking is adopted. Even if you are not local to me here in Barnsley or South Yorkshire, we can do your BWRT® sessions via Skype or Facetime.

BWRT® Barnsley – your local BWRT® specialist in South Yorkshire, Wakefield and Leeds.


I was hoping that BWRT would be of some help with my anxiety levels but could not have imagined just how effective it would be, nor how quickly it would have an effect. I can honestly say that it feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not only that, with the self-help strategies I now know, I am much better equipped to deal with difficult situations which will no doubt present themselves in the future.

The fact that the therapy is science-based was very appealing, as was the fact that you don’t have to discuss difficult memories unless, or until, you wish to. I would have no hesitation in undergoing the therapy again in the future if I needed to.

I can’t thank you enough, for helping me to overcome what seemed to be a completely insurmountable problem.


I would like to submit the following testimony for the website please:I have a 17 year old daughter who has suffered with anxiety from about the age of 9. Thanks to a couple of Skype BWRT sessions she is now able to deal with situations she used to find difficult without getting anxious and is more positive towards her future now the anxiety no longer has such a huge grip on her. My daughter and I are very grateful for this help and would recommend BWRT to anyone who has something that's holding them back in life.