Why Meditation?

How many hours of the day do you have for your own personal or private use?

Our schedules are often tough, and the days and years seem to speed up at an amazing rate. So it's important to consider new ways of allowing us to regain some of the time back for ourselves. Investment in ourselves has to be accessable and accommodating for anyone willing to give them a go. I have created some easy 5 minute meditations, to enable everyone to fit these simple yet effective exercises into their day.

The exercises are designed to fit into the most hectic of schedules, so that the practice of meditation instantly becomes approachable and 'do-able' for everyone. You don't have to worry about whether you can fit it in because meditaion will bend to fit into your life; it's that simple.

The BENEFITS of Meditation

The practice of meditation is already well known for helping with a variety of issues we may be familiar with or have experienced ourselves. For example meditation helps;

1. Elleviate STRESS & ANXIETY

2. Improves COMMUNICATION issues

3. Helps bring clarity to our THOUGHTS and ACTIONS

4. Strengthens our CONCENTRATION


6. Helps us to feel more OBJECTIVE about situations that are troubling to us.

The WELL-BEING benefits are enough for anyone to think "I'll give it a go", but what makes meditation sustainable in a world of ever-changing health fads and gimics is that it quietly works in the background, ever reliable, and can be picked up with ease, without needing hours of time or even monetry investment.

Time for YOU

Taking time out for ourselves is often at the bottom of our 'to-do' list. It may not even be a priority at all. It's far easier to relegate our needs to the bottom rung of importance, when so many other people or things seem to shout for our constant attention. Yet it is VITAL tht we do pencil in time for our own needs, even if that means taking a few minutes out of our day just to sit and breathe.

Meditation is simply the practice of being in the moment; allowing yourself the time to focus on a single activity, becoming aware of your presence and the sensations in your body, or just observing your thoughts or surroundings from an alternate perspective. It is a unique moment in your day when you simply allow yourself to PAUSE for greater reflection and understanding, which help CALM and DE-CLUTTER the mind.

We rarely allow ourselves that time and put enormous pressure on ourselves to be "doing" at every moment, be it working ever-longer hours or making sure we keep up with the current trends and fashions so that from the outside everything looks perfect. Meditation helps you take care of the 'inside you', helping you to maintain a good balance between your inner and outer life.

Misconceptions about Meditation....

What meditation IS...

> A means to help attain greater clarity and focus

> A way to help better integrate you into your life, not take you away from it.

> A practice to help you find a greater appreciation of your inner self and life in general.

What meditation IS NOT...

> A quick fix for inner well-being

> A way to escape reality

> An exercise in "who meditates the best"