School Business Manager - West Yorkshire - Secondary Accademy

Thank you our member of staff has such praise for her counsellor it is money well spent.
Thanks Tracy

K Caryl, Headmistress, Wakefield Independent School. – West Yorkshire

The resources Tracy selected to use, which included power point, discussion and videos were inspirational and wholly appropriate to motivate the children and staff into positive thinking.

The courses were delivered sensitively and struck a chord with all the staff and children.The assemblies successfully delivered an inspirational course to all the children in our school from 5 to 16 years of age. Their feedback was excellent and I know they derived a great deal from the four sessions. Tracy is sensitive and empathetic, ideal for working in her chosen field. She is extremely knowledgeable and shares her information well in a one-to-one situation or in a whole group discussion. We were attracted by Tracy’s deep knowledge and understanding of the benefits of Affinity Therapy and Coaching. The combination of knowledge and professionalism is exactly what we needed. Tracy successfully took on board the ethos of our school and wide age range of the children we wanted the course for. Their delivery was suitably differentiated to cover this age span.

Tracy is a great person with whom to work, she is knowledgeable, receptive and dynamic, offering a wide variety of skills. I was impressed all the way from my first contact to after the completion of the courses. I will not hesitate to engage Affinity Therapy and Coaching again and can, with no doubt, recommend the courses to you”.

Deputy Head Teacher (Bradford Primary School) – West Yorkshire

Hi Tracy, you made me believe in myself and I just wanted to say thanks. You said I was resilient and I went for the promotion so thank you. You have made such a difference to my life and you are welcome to quote me on your website. I am so grateful to you because you made me believe that I am a nice person and worthy and when I open my mind opportunities are there that I had never noticed. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your support it really makes a difference when your head is in a bad place.

S Edgell, Headteacher, Endeavour High School. – East Yorkshire

“The relaxation and focusing methods have helped our students to better understand how to prepare for an exam by learning new techniques. The strategy developed is helping a range of students to overcome their anxiety, grow in confidence and feel comfortable about exam conditions. This approach has added real value to our students and teaching staff. When you have a critical mass of students being looked after this way, it’s much more likely everyone will perform better across the board. Bringing this programme into the school gave students strategies to adopt a positive mindset and believing they could do it when it came to achieving their exam potential”.

Headteacher (Wakefield Secondary School) – West Yorkshire

“The strategy developed is helping a range of students to overcome their anxiety, grow in confidence and feel comfortable about exam conditions. This approach has added real value to our students and teaching staff. Last year, the school recorded its best ever GCSE results with 99% of the students receiving A*to C grades”.

Parents’ comments:

“Just want to say a big thank you for coming into the school and helping my children, they’re a lot more determined, confident yet calm. They’ve been educating and teaching us about thoughts and behaviours at home, keen to show us the new techniques they’ve learnt too. Lots of the parents are saying the same. Can you do some more?”

Parent to son aged 10yrs- West Yorkshire

"I am amazed at the positive impact the therapy sessions has had on my son. He is more confident and self-assured. It has totally changed our night-time routine, he settles very quickly and enjoys deep, undisturbed sleep. The change has also been noticed by others who have commented on how different he seems, being more confident, expressing his own thoughts and opinions. I am looking forward to the future and how this positive influence will affect my son with his studies, home life and his interactions with other people. Thank you!

Parent to son aged 6yrs - South Yorkshire

Since starting therapy sessions with Tracy, we have seen changes in my sons behaviour. He is without doubt more conscious of his actions and is thinking about the impact he is having on others. The hints, tips and methods Tracy is using and providing is not only helping my son but helping us as parents.


Sian, HR Consultant, Head of Service Delivery – West Yorkshire

“I was referred to Tracy in October 2016 due to an issue at work that had knocked my confidence and then an incident at home that had led me to feeling on edge and not sleeping. Tracy was a calming influence and allowed me to talk through my feelings and how I felt I wasn’t “normal”. Through the sessions I began to see a pattern in my behaviours and how some of my responses were learned responses that stemmed from childhood. A number of therapies were used, including hypnotherapy, and I am still using these techniques 6 months later when faced with difficult scenarios.

After each session I felt I had been listened to and given some positive advice on how to move to the next steps. When it came to my last session I felt that I had perhaps withheld some information and this all came out- Tracy was brilliant and dealt with that issue immediately and ensured that I followed through on the actions given even though she was not obliged to do so.

6 months later I still use Tracy’s techniques and would have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone. Thank you for helping me feel “normal” again”.

Dale, Site Manager (NCRC ARC) - Stockport

"I was recommended Affinity Therapy about the service they provide in a course that was relevant to what I required. I can’t speak highly enough about the sessions that where provided, Tracy is a credit to the profession and I can’t recommend her enough. The effort, detail and commitment Tracy puts in to each session are second to none and this is evident in the progress I have made. Tracy isn't like a lot of the coaching companies out there, each session is tailor made to your circumstances. There is no clock watching, cutting you short when the session ends and Tracy is always on hand for any help, advice or support you may need. This results in an excellent service that is relevant to you achieving your goal. Thank you Tracy 10 out of 10"

Mrs Inglis (Parent to Sophie aged 6) – Hemsworth, West Yorkshire

I started taking my daughter, Sophie aged 6, as she was having problems at school with her anger issues and self harming. She has been behaving for 8 consecutive weeks and seems much more happy and settled. Sophie enjoyed working with Tracy as she felt she was being listened to. I cannot praise Tracy enough for the changes in Sophie and can definitely recommend her services. Friendly, professional and approachable. Thank you so much x

European Geologist & Principle Geotechnical Engineer (SWECO) – West Yorkshire

I’d like to express my thanks to Tracy at Affinity Therapy and Coaching. Tracy was recommended to me to provide extra employee support to a member of my team. Although the company has an Employee Well-being provision in place, it was evident further one on one support was required.
Colleague comments “the sessions have really helped my understanding of how to deal with my anxieties on a daily basis. Tracy was very helpful and compassionate; she helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems on a day-to-day basis. She also taught me the skills to disregard my negative thought patterns effectively and I am very grateful for the support, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult period. I found the entire experience very beneficial. The sessions resulted in noticeable changes in my attitude and behaviour, so in this light I found the service highly effective. I was happy with the speed at which sessions progressed, not too fast yet not too laborious either. I was given a lot of high-quality and interesting supplementary material to support what was discussed in the sessions which were a great bonus too. If ever I have further problems Tracy would be the first I contact”.

Louisa - Howdens Kitchens & Joinery - Yorkshire

"After several years of depression, bereavement, total lack of confidence and self-worth, and having seen 2 previous counsellors for over 3 years, I decided to seek out a therapist who could help my mind, body and soul. Tracy was recommended to me and from the offset her professionalism and caring nature soothed me. She taught me about Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Actions. I have been on Antidepressants for over 30 years and during my visits along with Hypnotherapy I feel able and confident to move forward and have a life without medication. After only 10 sessions, I have already halved my medications. Tracy is calming, reassuring and I would have no problem in recommending her."

Update: With GP check ups, Louisa no longer takes any medications

Andrea - Accountant - Yorkshire

Tracy was recommended to me by my friend. I visited her to conquer a 40 year phobia of wasps. I went with an open mind, was absolutely brilliant. After 1 session I am a changed person! The fear I had was really bad and has gone from fear to nothing there at all. Thank you Tracy so much, would recommend you to anyone, a true professional.

Emma – Senior HR Support Officer - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

I wanted to lose some weight and get into a healthier mind set, but didn’t want to (as I have done in the past) go for a really strict diet that you see the results instantly but is impossible to keep up with, leaving you falling into the cycle of yoyo dieting and feeling like you have failed.

I went with a completely open mind but still had some slight reservations as to how it would have an impact on me as I am naturally quite cynical. However I was completely put at ease, Tracy explained the process from start to finish with me and it was really interesting to talk through what my potential triggers were and how I could tackle them differently going forward, that was before the hypnotherapy even started!

Since the sessions, up until this point, I have lost a total of 1 stone in weight which is only the physical results. The sessions have completely changed my mind set on losing weight and living the healthy lifestyle that we all strive to do. I don’t see myself as a failure and feel the need to pack everything in, if I decide to have a treat here and there, instead I’m motivated to continue because I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I’m losing weight not because I’m on a diet; I’m losing weight because Tracy has helped me to change my attitude and way of thinking. Thanks xx

Angela - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

"After the first meeting with Tracy to get help to stop me smoking, I felt immediate results - 3 months later still not smoking and not had the usual withdrawal symptoms. Thank you Tracy"

Charlotte Fletcher – Therapist Surrey (NEW:Affinity Weight Loss Programme)

Thought I’d let you know how well my client is doing! I'm really impressed, I've not heard him have a sneaky packet of crisps or have a quick snack whilst deciding what to eat (which he was terrible for!!) He seems really happy too with how he is doing, I think he's a little shocked with how he has changed too!

Brian - Barnsley

"May I first of all say, what an enjoyable and professional experience the course of sessions have been. The Virtual Gastric Band has worked for me!
As you know, I have lost 13lb in the first 3 weeks and after my fourth session, completed this week, hope to achieve my first target weight of 14 stone (only 3lb to go) in the next couple of weeks.
I will focus on my final ambition of a weight of 13 stone!
I have stuck to the Golden Rules, and not found them too difficult to stick to. Thanks for my final recording, BRILLIANT! and with my favourite music. With love and thanks, Brian.

Julia - Yorkshire

From the first session I felt completely at ease. Tracy has helped me to change my attitude and my way of thinking. I have been amazed at the total shift in my mindset involving food and eating. Through these sessions she has helped me realise to stop searching for the “quick fixes” that never work. She’s has made me feel motivated to continue on this journey and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.
Thanks Tracy xx