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Resources for Children

  • Meditation Exercise for SELF-CONFIDENCE

    • Being confident can help you succeed in every area of your life. Self-Confidence is an attitude. With it, your child can go far in life. Without it, they may have great difficulty.

    • If children do not believe in themselves, then it will be difficult for others to believe in them as well. Real confidence comes from within and confidence is something that can be developed quite easily with simple techniques. Try this simple exercise
  • The Secret Garden of the Mind - Shortly available on MP3

  • Have fun Meditation Exercise - Shortly available on MP3

  • The SuperHero Meditation - Shortly available on MP3

  • The 'I AM' Exercise

    • Now this is something really amazing…..and we don’t really know why it happens……but when we say these words to ourselves our brains remember them and believes we REALLY ARE those things. Try it for yourself.

  • 'Keep It Simple' - Breathing Exercises

  • Gratitude Game - Coming soon

  • Cloud Car Visualisation - Shortly available on MP3