GYM Meditation

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1. Set about your walk or run as you normally would, but rather than paying attention to the music in the background or the television on the wall ahead, keep your focus on you breathing and be aware of any changes as you increase your pace on the treadmill.

2. Bring your mindfulness practice to the fore and become more aware of your body as you work it; think about the effort that is required as you adjust the incline or pace. For this step, use the same practice as in the "Body Scan Meditation". Starting with your feet, working up through the legs, torso, your shoulders and neck, until you reach the top of your head, become closely aware of what you are experiencing in your body as you exercise. When we notice this level of detail we can cultivate more of an appreciation for how hard our body works and the level of effort required to carry out an acitivity. This can also bring a sense of satisfaction in what we have achieved, which can often be taken for granted.

3. If you find at any time that your attention has wondered, or you feel you are drifting off into your own thoughts, bring yourself back to the exercise with your breath as the focus.

4. Once you have finished the exercise, take a moment to ground yourself and feel how your body responds as you begin the cool down.

To conclude: By incorporating mindfulness into your gym session, you will develop a greater appreciation for your workout and you will also have a new, more thoughtful perspective on your fitness routine.