A 5 minute 'Outdoor meditation on the go....'

Meditating outdoors helps you reconnect to your surroundings, and is also beneficial during the warmer seasons when you want to be outside enjoying the weather. Each season brings it' own kaleidoscope of experiences. Click here to give it a go!

The 'Self-Appreciation' Meditation

This meditaion can be used when we need a little more self-appreciation, but it is also a powerful declaration of acceptance and a nurturing exercise. Our self-inflicted criticisms can have adverse effects on our confidence, leaving us with a negative and wholly inaccurate self-image. We always tend to affirm what we consider to be our worst attributes and little if any attention is given to the positive aspects of who we are. Click here to try the exercise

The GYM Meditation

If there wasn't already enough evidence to convince you of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, this meditation provides both a mental and physical workout. The beauty of the gym is that it provides a structured setting where we are less likely to slack off, so it can be the ideal place to carry out a mindfulness practice. This exercise works particularly well on the treadmill, but could equally be used on an exercise bike or other stationary exercise equipment.

It can be carried out for the duration of your workout session. CLICK HERE

"Body Scan" Meditation

This mediation brings the body into clear focus as you quite literally "scan" it to become aware of what you are experiencing.

The most common position for this meditation is to lie flat on the floor, with the support of a yoga mat. I would advise using a cushion under your knees to take any pressure off your back and one to support your neck gently. Also, you should keep a blanket nearby as lying still for 10 minutes or so, you might get a little cold.

If you don't feel comfortable lying on your back, this meditation can be carried out in the comfort of a chair or sofa or on a bed, just as long as your feet are flat off the ground. CLICK HERE