Meditation for Self Confidence

  1. Just begin by taking a nice big deep breath in, letting go of any worries…Use this time to get yourself really comfortable. Know that you are safe, protected and loved. Whether you are sitting or lying down it really doesn’t matter, just make sure you are very comfortable…

  1. Now that you are comfy, ask yourself how you can be EVEN MORE comfortable. Maybe you can stretch out your legs and wiggle any tough stiff feelings out of your body. Just imagine every muscle in your body is like jelly and let it go wobbly..

  1. Enjoy these pleasurable feelings right now. Don’t think about anything that has happened in the past before now….or what might happen in the future…just be here right now in this moment in time….

  1. Become aware of any sounds in the room….you might notice the beating of your heart or the sound of your breathing….maybe noticing the rise and fall of your belly as you breath normally…just allow your breathing to feel calm and relaxed

  1. Take another nice, long, slow deep breath in and feel the peace and quiet…any other noises you hear inside the room or outside will help you feel more and more relaxed and calm….everything happening just as you would like it…

  1. There are so many things to be thankful for, so take some of this special you time to give thanks to the people and things in your life…..Trust that good things are coming your way….

Beach, Child, Sand, Summer, Holiday

  1. Now imagine you are lying on a beautiful beach…..watching the clouds in the sky…the air is calm and warm all around you….and everything seems magical. You can hear the soft sounds of the water as it comes onto the shore….smell that wonderful smell of the sea….you might even feel yourself wrapped in a warm towel or blanket…all snug and safe…..

  1. Now take a look out over the sea…the colours are your most favourite colours…an amazing mix of all your favourite colours……Imagine the sun moving into your body… you power and strength….feel it as it moves all the way around your body…filling you up from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

  1. Now….as you carry on feeling this power and strength inside you begin to remember a time when you felt really confident…..think about all those times in your life that you felt especially confident…really good about yourself….maybe you are at school or home….or maybe somewhere else…..but just think back to that time now where you felt really good about yourself…really proud….(PAUSE)

  1. See yourself in every little detail….notice how you look, notice what you are wearing. How exactly did you feel? Picture the whole scene….see what you see…hear what you hear and feel what you feel……Notice any sounds….whether you are hot or cold or just right……hear any words you are saying to yourself….

  1. Now just continue to lay there and really feel those great feelings of confidence that you felt then…..bring all those positive feelings and emotions from that past time to now…..see yourself feeling amazing…confident and safe… are the person you were always meant to be….you are unique…..incredible….determined and strong…..just feel the love you have for yourself all around you….let it really surround you so that these feelings stay with you whenever you need….these is no need to rush and you are in no hurry….

  1. When you are ready….just allow yourself to take 5 more deep relaxing breaths and after your 5th breath….begin to move your legs and arms and open your eyes slowly……noticing your surrounding again…