Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Barnsley

NLP in Barnsley - Neuro Linguistic Programming therapist, Tracy Birch from South Yorkshire

What is NLP?

Neuro - Relates to what is happening in your mind. Your 'Neurological System' You experience the world through your senses and translate this, which then affects your emotions and behaviours.

Linguistic -Refers not only to the words you use in your communication, but also your body language and how you use it. How your language influences your experience of the world.

Programming - Tackles your persistent thinking patterns of behaviour, effective and ineffective, that you learn and then repeat.



How could NLP benefit me?

NLP is about increasing your options instead of being restricted by your experiences and saying "this is the way I do things, and this is how it has to be". It challenges your 'norm' and helps you to learn how to adopt a positive and creative mindset to bring about changes to your life or well-being.

Having a choice is BETTER than not having a choice

NLP promotes choice for an individual as a healthy way of life. Sometimes you may feel that you don't have a choice to change jobs, shift to another country or get out of an unhappy relationship. You may find yourself saying "I have no choice" or "I must do this".

You can be help back from making much-needed change by FEAR of CHANGE, little confidence in your abiities or even a lack of awareness of your own strengths. This is where NLP can work for you.

A little story to help explain NLP.....

Olivia was buying some fish and chips for dinner and was asked to complete a short form about the quality, service and value-for-money of the food. The women serving behind the counter were upset because a man who'd been in earlier in the evening had declined, quite rudely, to fill in the form. Olivia asked the women whether they'd considered how the poor man may have felt if he was illiterate, and that perhaps he was rude because he was embarrassed. The change in the perception of the two women was phenomenal: "I never even thought about that", said one.

Their attitude immediately changed from anger and resentment to sympathy. They also felt much better in themselves and were able to let go of the negative feelings they'd been holding onto for the last few hours.

The following short exercise helps you to be tolerant, or at least to gain some understanding, when you find yourself in a situation in which another person's response or behaviour surprises, irritates or puzzles you:

1. Count all the blessings in your life

2. Ask yourself what may be going on in this other person's world that would warrant the behaviour

3. Allow the initial feelings to release and accept that you see the world with different background and learnt experiences.


Benefits of 'NLP in Business'

"Everything created in the world around us started as a thought in somebody's mind"

"There is no failure, only feedback"

Everyone makes mistakes and experiences setbacks. You have a choice between allowing yourself to be defeated by undesireable results or taking on-board the lessons that present themselves, dusting yourself off and having another go at jumping the hurdle!

Modelling successful PERFORMANCE leads to EXCELLENCE

If you aspire to be a top performer in any field, NLP provides the tools you need to model someone, take what that person does well and replicate it. Instead of big ambitions, you may have a very simple desire, such as modelling the skills of a colleague who always completes projects according to schedule or a friend who always knows the right thing to say at the right time. Modelling people's sucessess is a great way to turn potential negative feelings of envy into a constructive process for experiencing their success for yourself.

10 PROVEN Applications of NLP

  1. Developing Yourself
  2. Managing Your Personal and Professional Relationships / Conflict resolution
  3. Negotiating a Win-Win Solution
  4. Motivating, Leading & Managing Staff
  5. Creating Powerful Presentations
  6. Managing Your Time and Precious Resources
  7. Being Coached to Success
  8. Using NLP to Support Your Health
  9. Connecting to Your Audience: Advice for Trainers and Educators
  10. Corporate Strategy