Release Negative Thoughts Meditation

In order to maintain a balanced and positive outlook on life, we need to curb negative thinking.

We all have, at times, found ourselves with a trail of unhelpful thoughts as we go about our day. These thoughts can range from worrying over a deadline to not having enough time to meet friends, job performance, or general feelings of frustration...The list seems endless. We also tend to dwell on these thoughts, so they ultimately become an all-consuming presence in our lives.

The following meditation can be useful when we need to readdress the negative balance.


1. Find a comfortable spot in your home where you can sit for this meditation. Begin by bringing your awareness to your breath as this will help you to relax and focus on the meditation. You can gently close your eyes.

2. Focus on a particular thought that you have recently been dwelling on and that has distracted and clouded your thinking. Just allow the thought to run through your mind as you build a picture of what has been worying you. Try not to get involved with the thought on an emotional level, instead become the observer of your thought, as if it is running through your mind like a mini-movie; this can help you to see the problem in a more objective light.

3. Now think what your normal response would be to the issue that you are thinking about. What happens when you feel upset? Do you get angry, passive-agressive, or maybe you just walk away? Spend a few moments considering and understanding your usual reaction.

4. For this next step, keep the issue that has been troubling you at the forefront, but this time see yourself handling the situation in a constructive and pragmatic way that enables you to remain balanced and in control. Think about the words you would use and the steps you would take to deal with the situation head on. How does it now feel to go about your day without the baggage that comes with continual over-thinking? What hae you gained from releasing this negativity? What is your mindset like once you relinquish the need to hold on to negative thoughts?

5. When you feel you have come to the end of the meditation, bring your awareness back to the breath and gently open your eyes.

To conclude:

This meditation can be used as often as you like. It works as a helpful reminder to maintain a positive and balanced mindset. Once we make the decision to tackle our negative thoughts, it allows us to rein in our over-thinking and replace habitual negativity with thoughts that are more conducive to happiness and creativity.