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Tracy at Affinity Therapy and Coaching recently helped my daughter with an anxiety issue following a traumatic experience. Tracy immediately made my daughter feel welcome and at ease. Following an initial assessment to find out more about what had happened, Tracy used a reframing method to change the way my daughter throught about her traumatic experience. Almost immediately I could tell a difference in my daughters behaviour, being less anxious and generally more happy within herself. I would recommend Affinity Therapy and Coaching to anyone. Thanks again.

Peter (Parent of 8 yr old daughter), South Yorkshire ()

I have recently seen Tracy again for a top up due to new personal circumstances. Tracy was amazing as always. She always manages to ground me and sort out any anxiety or stress I have. Thank you Tracy. You are FANTASTIC at your job. I am so glad I have you and know that you are there if I need you x

Primary School - NQT Teacher (West Yorkshire), Bradford, West Yorkshire ()

Tracy is AMAZING! She makes me realise how good life is. I can't even remember things I used to do (self-harm) before our sessions, they are definately a thing of the past. Thank you.

Teacher - College, West Yorkshire ()

Initially I was stressed, low and had little self worth. Through talking to Tracy, who listened intently, I was able to talk through problems. I have loved the work/sessions we have done and as a result of the deep conversations including 'rewiring/universe matter/connections I have had my entire outlook on life flipped for the better. I now have a great set of tools to help me in my future, Thank you. Based on my experience, I would definately recommend Tracy to others.

Fred (Teacher), Primary School ()

Dear Tracy, I can't thank you enough for the time you've spent with me. I know I will look back and reuse the skills given me again and again. Wishing you all the best, Joseph.

Joseph, Teacher - Accademy School, Leeds ()

Hi Tracy, just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me the confidence and getting me through my auditions.

Connor, Dancer/Actor ()

Really happy that we made the decision to bring my daughter to see Tracy. I have noticed small changes that have developed into bigger and more positive changes within my 15yr old daughter. I have seen my daughter say and act more positively and this has then had a knock on effect into other areas of her life. Both my daughter and I really liked Tracy from the very first session. This was really important to both of us. We both feel Tracy is very genuine and has integrity and very understanding. I was really pleased that she always made my daughter feel safe and confident enough to share her inner feelings. I feel blessed that we have Tracy to help and know that if anything comes up in the future then we can always call and Tracy will help us. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone who feels they need help and support or are struggling generally. Thank you so much Tracy for all your help!

Mrs M Heaps (Parent & Secondary School Teacher)

Mrs Heaps, Leeds ()

A warm and friendly atmosphere. Tracy you have listened and helped me to set goals, to achieve what I want to and learn to take time out for myself without any guilt. I have experienced positive changes due to my sessions and embracing a mixture of other lifestyle changes. The sessions helped with what I originally sought help for. Thank you :)

Mrs Sears, Huddersfield ()

The sessions have definitely been helpful in making me more equipped to deal with feelings/moods that would have initially put me in a dull and bad mood with a negative perspective, whereas now I can get myself out of these. I am also focusing more on making myself happy, like I've got a happy bubble around me (that I can take everywhere), this has made horse and college life much better. Tracy has always been lovely and listened very carefully even when I struggle to put my emotions into words and sometimes I don't make sense, but that doesn't matter. Molly (Age 16) - General Anxiety & Stress, Social Anxiety, Sport performance

Molly Laycock, Yorkshire ()

PTSD & Social Anxiety Tracy was referred to me by my mums friend, for help with some issues that were causing me to become reluctant to go into enclosed spaces and buildings, this was also having an effect on my social life and I was become anxious around many situations and people. Having had 4 sessions with Tracy, I feel a lot happier and comfortable with myself. I have more confidence too. I used to be nervous and upset/down a lot, but now most stress doesn't bother me. For example, I don't take little things to heart anymore like I used to. I am now going out and enjoy being in groups and in different situations, including buildings.

Abbie Sinclair - Age 16, East Yorkshire ()

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