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PTSD & Social Anxiety Tracy was referred to me by my mums friend, for help with some issues that were causing me to become reluctant to go into enclosed spaces and buildings, this was also having an effect on my social life and I was become anxious around many situations and people. Having had 4 sessions with Tracy, I feel a lot happier and comfortable with myself. I have more confidence too. I used to be nervous and upset/down a lot, but now most stress doesn't bother me. For example, I don't take little things to heart anymore like I used to. I am now going out and enjoy being in groups and in different situations, including buildings.

Abbie Sinclair - Age 16, East Yorkshire ()

“The strategy developed is helping a range of students to overcome their anxiety, grow in confidence and feel comfortable about exam conditions. This approach has added real value to our students and teaching staff. Last year, the school recorded its best ever GCSE results with 99% of the students receiving A*to C grades”.

Headteacher -Wakefield Secondary School, Wakefield, West Yorkshire ()

From the first session I felt completely at ease. Tracy has helped me to change my attitude and my way of thinking. I have been amazed at the total shift in my mindset involving food and eating. Through these sessions she has helped me realise to stop searching for the “quick fixes” that never work. She’s has made me feel motivated to continue on this journey and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.
Thanks Tracy xx

Julia, Yorkshire ()

After a lifetime of missed social opportunities, or feeling awkward and out of place if I did persuade myself to socialise, I finally decided to do something about my social anxiety.
I had heard of BWRT and thought it sounded too good to be true but worth giving a go.
After searching the BWRT website for a qualified professional I chose Tracy Birch at Affinity Therapy and Coaching.
From first meeting Tracy she made me welcome, put me at ease and made me feel like she was 100% into helping me solve my problems.
I was somewhat sceptical to be honest but gave it my best and am really glad I did.
After 1 session of BWRT I experienced noticeable changes the very next day, finding myself more at ease in situations I'd normally shy away from.
At my follow up with Tracy we agreed on a session of Hypnotherapy to compliment the BWRT.
Again Tracy put me at ease and the hypnosis session was so good I didn't want it to end.
She also sent me a copy of the session to listen to everyday at home.
Again the next day I noticed further improvements finding myself feeling comfortable talking with a large group of people.
I'm now looking forward to future social events and can't thank Tracy enough for her help. Give it a go, you never know.

Peter, National Rail ()

"I was recommended Affinity Therapy about the service they provide in a course that was relevant to what I required. I can’t speak highly enough about the sessions that where provided, Tracy is a credit to the profession and I can’t recommend her enough. The effort, detail and commitment Tracy puts in to each session are second to none and this is evident in the progress I have made. Tracy isn't like a lot of the coaching companies out there, each session is tailor made to your circumstances. There is no clock watching, cutting you short when the session ends and Tracy is always on hand for any help, advice or support you may need. This results in an excellent service that is relevant to you achieving your goal. Thank you Tracy 10 out of 10"

Dale, Regional Delivery Manager (NCRC ARC), Stockport ()

Hi Tracy
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my daughter.
After just 4 sessions with you her anxiety is well on the way to being controlled and her confidence is increasing.
After an incident on holiday which at the time we thought was a terror attack, she became very scared of being out in public places from a supermarket to a cinema trip or shopping. She was very distressed hearing any sort of alarm and terrified that a fire or something bad was going to happen. This got to the point that she made excuses not to venture out and a variety of excuses were used.
After her sessions with you she has regained her confidence and is getting more comfortable being out and about.
She wanted me to let you know that last week she auditioned for Barnsley Youth Choir and was successful!!! She’s thrilled that she was brave enough to go and is loving it !!
If you want to copy and paste this as a testimonial your more than welcome to
Thanks again for the time you took with her , we are getting there
Jo xx

Parent (Daughter aged 14yrs), West Yorkshire ()

Thank you Tracy for all your help. You've made my life a lot easier.

Jonathan (Age 14yrs), West Yorkshire ()

"I am amazed at the positive impact the therapy sessions has had on my son. He is more confident and self-assured. It has totally changed our night-time routine, he settles very quickly and enjoys deep, undisturbed sleep. The change has also been noticed by others who have commented on how different he seems, being more confident, expressing his own thoughts and opinions. I am looking forward to the future and how this positive influence will affect my son with his studies, home life and his interactions with other people. Thank you!

Parent (Son aged 10yrs), West Yorkshire ()

I highly recommend Tracy. I can't believe how she has changed my life. I can't thank her enough. I have already recommended my friends and family and they can't wait to meet her. Xx

Zoe (Fussy Eating/Phobia), Barnsley ()

"After several years of depression, bereavement, total lack of confidence and self-worth, and having seen 2 previous counsellors for over 3 years, I decided to seek out a therapist who could help my mind, body and soul. Tracy was recommended to me and from the offset her professionalism and caring nature soothed me. She taught me about Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Actions. I have been on Antidepressants for over 30 years and during my visits along with Hypnotherapy I feel able and confident to move forward and have a life without medication. After only 10 sessions, I have already halved my medications. Tracy is calming, reassuring and I would have no problem in recommending her."

Update: With GP check ups, Louisa no longer takes any medications

Louisa, Howden Kitchens & Joinery ()

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