The Self Appreciation Meditation

Self Appreciation | Meditation | Exercise
  1. Arrange yourself into your preferred meditation position so you feel comfortable and relaxed
  2. Imagine you are sat opposite an image of yourself-aligning with the wiser, more thoughtful aspect of who you are-that is not to say you are not that person already, it's just that so much of our time is spent on self-criticism that we have to remember to see ourselves with greater empathy
  3. Visualise yourself being watched with compasion and acceptance. There is no judgement here or criticism of any kind, just a simple acknowledgement of the person you are.
  4. Think about your qualities and what you most appreciate and value. Affirm to yourself that you are perfect as you are, requiring no changes, adjustments or tweaks; you are the best version of you. Be firm and strong on this point - of course we all have our inner list of things we would like to alter, we are human after all - but we must learn to love who we are in the now.
  5. Once you have made your positive affirmation, spend a few moments focusing on your breath.
  6. End the meditation by accepting to take small steps to integrate a more compassionate attitude into your day-to-day life. If a friend or colleague pays you a compliment, for instance, don't dismiss it with a self-depreciating remark; simply thank them and acknowledge the compliment.